Moms Support Circle

Welcome to your personal pregnancy care plan

You don’t just need prenatal care—you need care that’s built around you and your child. That’s why Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) offers the Moms Support Circle program for our pregnant members.

Through Moms Support Circle, you can:

  • Get individualized support during and after your pregnancy
  • Learn about pregnancy milestones and what to expect
  • Discuss your needs and set pre- and postnatal goals with CHPW’s team
  • Get connected with local resources for housing, food banks, rides to medical appointments, and more
  • Apply for an EBT card, WIC, disability, and other benefits
  • Get a free breast pump and advice on feeding

How do I sign up for Moms Support Circle?

  1. Call us at 1-800-395-BABY (2229) or complete a Pregnancy Notification Form and fax it to Community Health Plan Prenatal Case Management at 206-652-7073.
  2. You’ll get a Health Risk Assessment. This assessment highlights individual health needs you may have during your pregnancy.
  3. We’ll start your pregnancy plan. That includes talking with you about your needs, your goals, and the programs and services that are available to you.

Do I qualify for case management?

Short answer: yes! As a CHPW member, if you need or want case management, you can get it. Our team of OB, NICU, and Pediatric case managers provide individualized support during and after your pregnancy.

We especially encourage you to request case management if any of the following applies to you:

  • I’ve had a high-risk pregnancy or delivery in the past.
  • I have early contractions, bleeding, and/or a lot of vomiting.
  • I have diabetes, hypertension, depression, COPD, or another chronic condition.
  • I’d like help getting rides to and from medical appointments.
  • I need housing assistance, help finding food banks, or other community-based services.

What is a case manager?

Case managers work with you to define and meet health goals that you decide on together. Many CHPW case managers are licensed social workers, nurses, or specialists.

Our approach uses clinical and evidence-based guidelines, which means they have been tested and shown to be helpful.

Case management also supports the relationship between you and your doctors. We make sure you’re all on the same page, and we can help you adjust your care to better serve your needs.

Learn more about CHPW’s case management program

This benefit is included in your CHPW coverage at a $0 cost to you.

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