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Resources to help you quit

Quitting tobacco can be hard and may take more than one try to stop. But having support can improve your chances for success. As a Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) member, you can get help at no cost through the Quit For Life® program. CHPW is here to support you on the road to a tobacco-free life whenever you are ready.

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How iworks 

Quit For Lif uses evidence-based tools and resources and one-on-one support to help you quit tobacco. Your quit coach will help you create an action plan and set a quit date. You will receive ongoing coaching calls and emails with tips to fight urges. 

Quit For Lif also has a mobile app and Text2QuitSM that sends your phone motivational text messages. Medication like gum, patches, and lozenges are included as well. These are covered by CHPW. Check our benefit grids and formulary for more details. 

This benefit is included in your CHPW coverage at a $0 cost to you.

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